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William’s Community School is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing individualized education and supports to children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. There are a number of ways to help and support our mission as well as the children and families who depend on our school to provide a high-quality individualized education.


Annual fund: Donations to our annual fund are our largest need and ensure the continuation of our school. These donations are used for overall operational costs, including paying for our spacious facility, equipment and educational materials, and most importantly, making sure that we have highly qualified and caring teachers to work with our children. To make a donation, you can mail a check to our school address, drop a check off in person, or make a donation using a credit card through PayPal button above.


Scholarship fund: We are currently in the process of creating a tuition assistance program to enable economically disadvantaged students to access our unique educational model.  Please check back for updates.



Volunteering: We are a tiny school with many things to do! We love help any day of the week and also have several open volunteer positions that range from 2 hours per month to 2 hours per day. We frequently have large project days where you can volunteer for just one day to complete projects around the school from painting and building to typing and cleaning. Click here to get our current volunteer application. (Put link)


Household items: We are always collecting a variety of office and household items for different projects around the school, as well as hoarding those items that make for fabulous arts and crafts material. We love things like cork (if you love wine, please save those for us!), tools, fabrics, gently used paints and brushes. We also always need the ongoing office supplies like batteries, paper, dry erase markers, books, scissors, staplers, hole punches, laundry detergent and cleaners, toilet paper, towels, and tissues!


Wish lists: We have wish lists full of items that our teachers and students would love to have. Please click on any of the below to see our wishlist for that site! Note – some of our wishlist items link to an item on a site (if site does not offer a wishlist). You can always find our wishlist by searching for the email address


If you shop on, please switch to instead! Just by making this tiny change, Amazon donates a portion of profits from your purchases to a charity of your choice. And if you pay for prime, no worries, because Amazon smile works exactly the same as Amazon and it is all the same account. Please choose us as your charity by searching William Mosing Center.


Box tops: Save your boxtops from a variety of brands and products including Avery brand labels and office supplies, Ziploc bags, Hefty bags, Nestle products, Green Giant products, Juicy Juice, Pillsbury foods, General Mills products,  Betty Crocker products. You can drop off boxtops at the school, mail them, use eboxtops to register them, or best ever – have all of your friends and family save them for us too!


Labels for Education: Save your labels from a variety of products including BIC pens and products, Pepperidge Farms products, Post cereals, Campbell’s soups and juices, Franco-American products, Swanson, V8, and Dannon products. You can drop off labels at the school, mail them, or have all your family and friends help save them for our school!


Coca-Cola points: Do you drink Coke products like Sprite, Dasani water, Nestea or Powerade? Coke products have a code on the cap or inside the box that allows our school to earn points for school supplies and projects. Drop off caps or cut out codes and enter them on or drop them off at the school and we’ll take care of it!

GoLocal Austin cards: Want to support your local businesses, William’s Community School, and get a discount for yourself too? Then purchase a GoLocal card! GoLocal has partnered with William’s Community School for a fundraiser. Buying a GoLocal card provides you with discounts to over 500 local businesses. For every card purchased, $7 goes back to our school – and when you use the discount code, you receive 10% off the purchase of your card!  You, our students and school, and the community all benefit from this fundraiser! Go to and enter the code “10%OFF-WilliamsFundraiserYeah!”.

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